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About Us

Our Values

We are a small dedicated team of private pediatric behavior support professionals, composed of enthusiastic, creative, and compassionate board-certified behavior analysts, registered behavior technicians, and behavior technicians. Our deep passion lies in working with children and their families, and we firmly believe that every child deserves tailored support according to their unique needs.

Our approach centers around naturalistic and play-based ABA therapy, delivered in the comfort of homes, schools, and within the community. We take pride in being a trauma-informed, neurodiverse-affirming practice, with expertise in various areas, including behavior reduction, meaningful skill acquisition, self-regulation and coping skills, social-emotional development, and communication, all the while fostering and nurturing the most vital aspect of all—meaningful connections and relationships.

We work hand in hand with families, and we also recognize the importance of collaborating with other professionals such as mental health therapists, teachers, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and beyond. Together, a uniquely individualized plan is cultivated in which we envision a world where every child's potential can flourish.

Kid playing bricks
Quality Time

What is ABA?


In our approach, we perform a comprehensive assessment to identify skills that are socially meaningful, functional, and essential for your child and your family.


We make it a priority to attend to behaviors that hold importance in your child's present and future as they navigate through different stages of life.


We rely on data to track progress and provide guidance for treatment, ensuring an effective approach to your child's development.

Meet Our Team

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